The Ibero-American Support Fund, IBERMEDIA, was founded in November 1997 on the basis of decisions made by the Ibero-American Conference of Heads of State and Government held in Margarita, Venezuela, in relation to the implementation of a backing programme for the co-production of films for the cinema and television in Latin America; the initial launching of cinematographic projects; the circulation and promotion of films within the regional market and the training of personnel within the audiovisual industry.


The IBERMEDIA Programme forms a part of the audiovisual policy of the Ibero-American Conference of Film Authorities (CACI).


IBERMEDIA seeks to promote and provide financial assistance for the creation of an Ibero-American audiovisual arena. Its objectives include:


· To promote the development of co-production projects proposed by independent Ibero-American producers, including the adaptation of audiovisual patrimony, by providing technical and financial assistance.

· To give support to the production and circulation companies capable of carrying out these projects.

· To facilitate the integration of Ibero-American audiovisual companies into supranational networks.

· To increase the circulation and promotion of Ibero-American films.

· To develop the training and exchange opportunities of professionals in the Ibero-American audiovisual industry.


The Intergovernmental Committee, taking into consideration the financial means at its disposal, has decided to focus its activities on four main support programmes:


Circulation-Promotion and Delivery of International Sales