Backlot Tank

  • Back Lot Tank situated on Back Lot 2 with natural horizon
  • Main tank: 328.08ft x 262.47ft (100mx80m) with a depth of 3.94ft (1.2m)
  • Inner Tank: 98.43ft x 98.43 ft (30m x 30m) and a depth of 13.12ft (4m).
  • Maximum depth 17.06ft (5.2m) in the inner tank.
  • Equipped with wave generation machines, water canons and tip tanks.
  • Spillway on the entire south side and partially on the east side
  • Green Screen 39.37ft (12m) high extendible up to 65.62ft (20m) and 393.70ft (120m) long.
  • The tank has ample space to on either side to allow set construction