Ciudad de la Luz, by the sea.

Ciudad de la Luz is located in a setting that is perfect for filming. It enjoys more than 340 fair days a year and is by the sea.

The location of the studios makes them «unique», not only within Europe but on the world stage, in terms of the climate, it being by the sea and its geographical and architectural surroundings overlooked by the Castle of Santa Bárbara.

Ciudad de la Luz is situated just seven kilometers from the center of Alicante, and has a total area of 3,195,395 square meters.

Ciudad de la Luz, well connected.

When choosing such a privileged location, certain factors were prioritised, such as proximity to an important urban nucleus such as Alicante, being close to Altet airport, with its links to the major European capitals meaning they are just hours away, the excellent rail and road infrastructures of the metropolitan area, as well as its climate, landscape and comprehensive range of services.

The principal means of access to Alicante by road are:

-A-7 / AP-7: Mediterranean coastal road

-A-3: Madrid

Ciudad de la Luz, socio-cultural epicenter of Alicante.

Lucentum, known as such until the 3rd Century A.D., is the name of the Ibero-Roman city which formed the foundations of present day Alicante. A commercial and cultural center of its age.

As of the twenty-first century, Ciudad de la Luz has been the centre of the cinematographic and audiovisual industries, in the setting of a cultural city which preserves traces of all the ancient civilisations (Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Moors...)

Today, Alicante is an important cultural centre for Spanish music and contemporary theatre to which Ciudad de la Luz lends its support in promoting the city's cultural values abroad.